PACIFIC WAHINE is an Outrigger Canoe Team that seeks and takes on extreme ocean challenges. Our mission is to encourage women to go after their goals, while respecting our ocean environment, and sharing our collective experiences with the world.

Race: In an ‘iron’ race a single crew races each stage vs. ‘change’ race where relief paddlers switch in and out of the canoe at frequent intervals. Change races like Na Wahine O Ke Kai and Molokai Hoe have dominated paddling in Hawaii for many decades, and iron races offer a different type of challenge, one that we love! 

An ‘unlimited’ canoe refers to the design specification and weight of the outrigger hull of around 200lb for racing vs. 400lb canoe class which is the current ‘traditional’ standard for racing in Hawaii. Currently 2 race organizers are offering Iron Unlimited Canoe races in Hawaii. Olamau Foundation and Paddling Athletes Association.

Since the first ‘iron’ race in 2010, we have taken part in every Iron Unlimited Outrigger Canoe race in Hawaii. Often we are the only women’s team to take part. 

Report: Women are greatly under-represented in Ocean Canoe racing. Race entries in iron unlimited races is one-tenth to one-quarter of entries at best. The Kaiwi Channel OC1 Solo record number for women’s entries is 18 (2014). In 1979, the women of Na Wahine O Ke Kai paved the way by making the first women’s crossing more than 25 years after the men began this race.

We want to share not just what we are doing but what other women are doing in Ocean paddling. “If she can see it, she can be it.” -See Jane

*We are actively looking for women to report on events (please send us an email if you want to contribute) in the following regions: S.Africa/Middle East; Hong Kong /Singapore/Japan; Europe, Hawaii, USWC/Canada; USEastCoast; Queensland; Western Australia; NSW; Victoria; Brazil/Chile.

Reduce: It is widely reported and known that the ocean is turning into a toxic soup full of human garbage. As ocean athletes, it is important to pay attention to the choices we make around plastics. Our goal is a paddling culture that uses sustainable affordable choices for racing – such as re-usable water containers in all possible scenarios, and having race participants BYOFPC– Bring Your Own FORK PLATE and CUP to the after race lunches. 

We play on the ocean and want to pass it on to future generations in all its glory, not a mess because we were too busy to be mindful of what we throw away. 

We are linked to Ocean Recovery Alliance and support Paddle for the Planet.